Who Looks Better Sweaty and Writhing: Eva Mendes or Lara Stone?

Eva in the spring 2010 Calvin Klein Jeans campaign and Lara in the 2010 Eres resort campaign.

Rumors are circulating that Lara Stone will replace Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein's Collection and Jeans ads. Mendes is the current face of Calvin Klein Jeans, and she does a damn good job if you ask us. Hose her down with baby oil and she can arch her back and fake an orgasm like it's no one's business. The shots of her with Jamie Dornan are likewise effing hot. So, we would be sad to see her go, but Lara is effing hot and amazing herself. A Calvin spokeswoman didn't deny or confirm the rumors in WWD, but if they hired Lara that could bring a new, less sweaty direction to the campaign. Nonetheless, the question of who can work the baby oil better feels worth pondering this Thursday morning.