Will Style.com Go the Way of Men.Style.com?

Someone get this woman a laptop!

Interview's former managing editor Alexandra Mack will start at Vogue.com as managing editor this week. It's the latest sign of Vogue.com beefing up for its final severing from Style.com. Vogue.com has added behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots, and they force their top editors, like André Leon Talley and Hamish Bowles, to blog. They may only do so very sporadically, but, you know, the Internet is tough stuff for people so attached to paper. According to WWD, insiders are wondering if once Vogue.com officially weans off the Style.com teat, from which it is still suckling, Style.com will die, like Men.Style.com did last fall. (Condé instead decided to give GQ and Details their own sites.) Anna Wintour is editor-in-chief of Vogue.com. If she knew what was best for her and the site, she would treat her adoring fans to a blog post every now and then. Welcome to the Internet, Vogue! Dot-com! It's a scary and mean place, but surely you can handle that.