Amanda Seyfried Wore Her Cocktail Dress Backward on the Red Carpet


Amanda Seyfried attended the Mother and Child premiere in L.A. wearing her fall 2010 dress by Bodyamr backwards, something we've seen Angelina Jolie do before. Red Carpet Fashion Awards writes:

When Angelina Jolie wore her Max Azria gown back to front at the 2009 SAG Awards, it wasn’t that obvious.

This is smacking me right in the face that it’s the wrong way around, especially considering where the zipper stops.

We ask for celebs to be more inventive on the red carpet, but this isn’t what I had in mind.

Wearing it backward was probably a conscious decision — surely there must be a label or boob seams or something in there to make the back and the front fairly obvious. Besides, turning a dress around isn't that crazy or inventive — it's just awkward. If stars really want to get wild, they should turn things upside down and put their legs through the arm holes. Then we'd be impressed.

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