Anna Wintour Is Auctioning a Week at Vogue


Fashion companies have taken to auctioning off internships to benefit charity, allowing those with money to breeze in and experience what it's probably not at all like to intern there. Anna Wintour, however, is auctioning off not an internship, but a "week at Vogue." Bids start at $1,000 (though the estimated value is $10,000) for a chance to spend seven days in the Vogue offices, during which you get to meet Anna Wintour. What else happens during this week is up to the winner to determine with Vogue, based on his or her interests and skills. We'd want to start each day by brushing Anna's hair and tweeting what she had for breakfast, since she's the only person who can do that and actually have it be interesting. [Charity Buzz]