ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Discovers ‘the Supreme Level of Fashion Hades’

America's Next Top Model
Episode Title
New York Women

André Leon Talley has become so comfortable in his seat on the America's Next Top Model judging panel. From his throne — for that is what he has made it — he rules the wannabe models; Tyra Banks, who thinks she can read Lord André's mind but really can't; and Nigel Barker, who feels so threatened by his new colleague and his catchphrases that we expect him to stand up angrily at any minute, throw the pictures in the air, yell "DRECKITUDE IS NOT A WORD!!!!!" and storm out.

Last night, André doled out harsh critiques again for the CoverGirl challenge, which required the girls to pose on a moving subway. He couldn't get past one girl's outfit. "You have this wonderful all-Amercian, girl-next-door beauty and quality, but the dogs have barked this week. What were you thinking with those shoes?" Talley asks. Tyra, excited that someone else noticed something she can hate on, chimes in with "Skank" and a few other words she half-growled, which were therefore hard to make out. "Dreckala — the supreme level of fashion Hades," Talley decides, disregarding Tyra. Later, when André compliments a girl's personality, and Nigel notices that the girls standing behind her seem to disagree, Talley says, "They hating on you, Miss Thang! They hating on you, girlfriend!" And life was yet again this week, complete. Watch in this week's video of André's best moments from last night's episode.