ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Feels Vampire Romance

America's Next Top Model
Episode Title
America's Next Top Vampire

Last night's challenge on America's Next Top Model was a little gross and disturbing-looking. Less so when considering that the challenge was for the girls to play fashion vampires, but still — who forces their minions into bathtubs full of blood and takes their irises away? How can they smile with their eyes if they're only half there, Tyra? Understandably, many of them had trouble, and the show's best judge ever, André Leon Talley, called them all out on all of it. "I would consider that you have expressed a good narrative about vampires," he told one girl. "I feel vampire romance," he said of another. But the contestant with her toes dangling out of the tub brought on André's first "dreckitude" moment. And Poor Brenda, André said, would "be fabulous as a housewife." Watch this week's montage to see André demonstrating his own signature pose.