ANTM Recap: André Leon Talley Focuses on Hands and Feet

Episode Title
Big Hair Day

Last night on America's Next Top Model, André Leon Talley focused on three things: hands, feet, and Alexander McQueen. The challenge involved the girls modeling clothes made out of hair, a look so famously loved by Lady Gaga, and a look André compared on several occasions to something the late designer would have adored ("Alexander McQueen once did ... "). He also gave a little nod to Vogue when he told one of the models, "I give you kudos for having your feet pointed in midair, which is very hard to do." The jump! The pointed toes! That's the Vogue look, and of course he loved it. What the other girls did with their extremities, however, not so much. "What bothers me is the stereotypical point of the toe on the left leg, which can be sort of cliché," he told another. "I think your hands look awkward, it's like you're trying to do a dance that's not a dance." Watch all the flying hands and toes in this week's video of André's best moments from last night's episode.