Appearing in Harper’s Bazaar’s Jersey Shore Spread Was Tinsley Mortimer’s ‘Dream Come True’


WWD scoffed when Harper's Bazaar revealed they were shooting the ladies of Jersey Shore for a high-fashion spread. But Tinsley Mortimer, a reality star herself now, was thrilled when the editors asked her to appear alongside her tan, voluptuous peers. She said when she got the call about the job, "I was like are you kidding me?! Oh my God, it’s like a dream come true — I’m obsessed with those girls.”

The concept for the spread is the Jersey Shore girls at etiquette school. The magazine actually called in Emily Post's great-great-granddaughter, an instructor at the Emily Post Institute — a real etiquette school — to play the etiquette teacher. “I used to take etiquette school,” Snooki says. Sammi and JWOWW agreed they didn't really need the lessons, either.

Tinsley is supposed to portray a "graduated debutante" and, as the embodiment of class and manners, provide an upstanding example to the girls. And ironically, in real life they serve as an example to her of just how big reality fame can get and all the magnificent places it can lead!

See the girls get ready for the shoot in the video. Somehow they seem to be wearing more makeup for this shoot than we've ever seen on them. Also check out the photos from the spread, and find out if the girls are more hilarious in uptown eveningwear than in their usual boobtastic corsets and booty shorts with heels.

The Jersey Shore's Snooki, JWoww and Sammy Go to Charm School [Harper's Bazaar]