Are Lady Gaga’s Stage Panties Getting Skimpier?


Lady Gaga performed in a white lace bodystocking adorned with some white straps and other frippery in Tokyo today. She wore what was essentially a less elaborate red version of this outfit — a lace body stocking but with a thong underneath instead of on top — at Fashion Week last September performing at Marc Jacobs's after-party. She's been wearing plenty of bottoms lately — pants, skirts, what have you — as you can see in Gaga Daily's photo archive. But are her performance panties getting skimpier? She wore a thong under her polar bear coat in "Bad Romance" and no panties under her fishnets in the "Telephone" video. Her Grammys leotard was noticeably skimpier in front and back. It may be too soon to say that Gaga is, in fact, showing more of her lower quarters onstage, but it felt like an Important Question to raise. And it gives us an excuse to show you her new avant-garde thong, which might or might not be made out of toilet paper.