Behold: Karlie Kloss Wearing a Swimsuit in the Blizzard


Remember that hideous god-awful blizzard that dumped a crapload of snow on us right before Fashion Week? Spring is here, but put yourself back in that place, walking around, feeling the snow stinging your nose — the only thing exposed — wishing only for a comfy couch, a warm cat on your lap, a good reality show, and a mug of hot Baileys in your hand. No clothing felt truly protective against those elements, but Karlie Kloss was given none, forced to run around town in bathing suits for a job. Turns out the shoot was done by Annie Leibovitz for April's Vogue, for a story by Plum Sykes about how hard it is to find a good swimsuit. It pains to see her foot buried in the snow like that. What do her agents say? "It's okay, Karlie, that's why God gave you two!"

Another Reason To Love Your Desk Job [Jezebel]