Christian Siriano Is Dressing Someone for the Met Ball


Good news! The Met Ball is on May 3! This year the Gala, which celebrates the Costume Institute's new exhibit on American fashion, is sponsored by the Gap. Oprah is a chair, along with Gap designer Patrick Robinson. Few details have emerged about who will dress whom, but Fashionista wonders if Robinson will dress any attendees in Gap. We're inclined to predict not since this event is all about being as fancy as you can be, while the Gap is decidedly anti-fancy. And yet Vera Wang is designing for David's Bridal now, so you never know.

But we should see something by Christian Siriano on the carpet — he tweeted that he's working on a dress for the ball. It would be so great if Christina Hendricks went and wore him again as a big "Eff you" to everyone who turned up their nose at the Siriano creation she wore to the Golden Globes. While it remains unknown who Siriano is dressing, we at least know it's not Oprah, who WWD reports will wear Oscar de la Renta. From this very small amount of intelligence, it sounds like Gap may still be free for an exclusive if Anna Wintour wants it.