Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga Have the Same Latex Outfit


Latex seems to be the preferred body covering for divas these days. StyleList noticed that the black latex outfit Christina Aguilera wears in the video for "Not Myself Tonight" looks just like a black latex outfit Lady Gaga wore in August in London. Also, with that outfit, Christina has pink streaks in her hair and bright-yellow eye shadow, which are two very Lady Gaga things to do nowadays. If Christina wants to be weird on her own without referencing Lady Gaga, she's going to have a tough time of it. Gaga's had a new weird outfit on every twenty minutes for well over a year now. Christina can't even fashion clothes out of garbage now that Gaga's already done that several times. But mermaid tails are still up for grabs, sister.

Christina Aguilera Copies Gaga Again In New Video [StyleList]