Cynthia Rowley Was ‘Really Scared’ of Doing a Target Collaboration


Cynthia Rowley was one of the first designers to do a one-off line for Target. Now, high-end designers seem to be lining up for their chance to reach the Target-shopping masses. "I have to tell you that when I did that, I was really scared. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my career," Rowley told us last night at Barneys Co-op, where she launched her collection of surfwear for Roxy. "I felt like, this will either be the beginning of something really new and exciting, or the end of my career. But now, that’s how I have to think about everything. It’s either got to be like, really new and exciting, or why do it? If it’s not going to take a risk, then why do it?" she continued. "Do you think everybody’s going to do surf stuff now?"