Diane Von Furstenberg Wants to Bury Twenty People in the Backyard of Her Country Home


Apparently Diane Von Furstenberg has long wanted to be buried at Cloudwalk, the 100-acre farm in Litchfield County, Connecticut, she bought decades ago with her wrap-dress fortune. In a profile of the designer from the New York Times dated December 23, 1993 (worth a read — she takes the writer for roadside burritos and eats hers with a glass of cider), DVF gives a tour of the property. As "she set off across the lawn, dark hair flying, dogs barking," she stops before a small wooden bridge leading over a stream and says, "I'll show you where I'm going to be buried." And now in 2010, it seems she's finally gotten around to making arrangements for that.

In a story from Sunday's Times about people with quaint old graveyards on their properties — mostly antique homes from when backyard burial was common practice — we learn Diane is not only planning to bury herself on Cloudwalk, but up to nineteen other people, as well. The town zoning commission approved her application for a permit for up to twenty plots last month, and the Department of Health just gave its approval, too. The cemetery will double as a "meditation garden" and be contained within a stone wall and cherry trees. Well that sounds glam. If yuppies balk at the house when (if) it hits the market with a cemetery, the realtor can sell it as one of those hip meditation meadows with bodies underneath for good energy.

Did I Mention the Graves Out Back? [NYT]