Emanuel Ungaro Has Resigned Itself to Reopening Underneath the Plaza Hotel


Did you hear about the opening of the Emanuel Ungaro boutique over the weekend? Of course you didn't! Because the store, which was recently forced to move out of its pricey Madison Avenue location, reopened in the mall underneath the Plaza Hotel — shopping quarters few people seem to shop in or even know exist. The Plaza was reportedly keen on recruiting a high-fashion label to open a shop in the space to add value to the Plaza mall real estate as a whole, and to recruit more attractive clients. As such, presumably, a press release announcing the opening of the Ungaro store also heralds the arrival of another vendor called Connor, "an artisanal stationer." So if you're the kind of person who often finds him or herself with only an hour or so to acquire both a heart-shaped glitter nipple pastie and family coat of arms (Jill Zarin, cough cough), the shops at the Plaza are just what you need.