Fergie Would Love ‘a Big Roll of Flab Coming Out Somewhere That Doesn’t Look Flattering’ to Be Digitally Reduced


Elle magazine helped May cover girl Fergie throw a little luncheon on Friday to celebrate her, her cover, and her new scent Outspoken. She chose the name Outspoken over, say, Fergalicious, because she "wanted it to be strong and empowering, something that represents me as a whole woman, a fearless woman,” WWD reports. And she was outspoken at this little event! Kind of:

The diminutive and oft-photographed singer also weighed in on the ongoing retouching debate. “I expect it because it’s part of the norm now,” Fergie said. “Sometimes I feel that they over-retouch things and it makes people look funny.”

But she wouldn't cite examples of people made to look funny, perhaps because that aside, she enjoys a little retouching, personally.

“Of course, if there’s a big roll of flab coming out somewhere that doesn’t look flattering, sure, I’d love that to be lessened, but I don’t like to look like a cartoon character, either. I think everything in moderation.” Alas, Moderation by Fergie doesn’t pack the same punch.

The strong, empowered woman does not stop her retoucher, but has control over them, with the same attitude women have tried to adapt toward the cookie jar for decades.

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