First Carine, and Now Ke$ha Dabbles in Capes


Last week French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld wore a cape, some lace, and undergarments to a Ralph Lauren dinner in Paris. On the last Saturday Night Live Ke$ha also wore a cape, but hers was metallic silver on the outside with an American flag print on the inside and fringe hanging off the end. Like Carine's, it was a quite a lot of cape — but it wasn't more over-the-top than her first look, consisting of neon blacklight-lit tribal paint and feather wing-things on her shoulders.

Jezebel wondered if her expression during the lackluster unveiling of the cape's American-flag innards hinted at a moment of insecurity, like she didn't really believe in her cape. But how can she feel insecure about that when she performed, well, looking as she did before? Maybe without all the makeup we're just finally seeing her emote. We will have to wait and see if the cape's moment will continue past last week.