Franca Sozzani Is Frustrated With the State of Journalism in Italy


Cathy Horyn revists the problem with fashion in Milan on her blog today. She wonders if, as Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani suggests on her blog, it stems from "trash" journalism.

“Our country, the beautiful Italy, the land of writers, poets, architects, museums, admired, loved and renown [sic] all over the world, our Italy … is now full of big trash.”

She was referring to gossip-saturated publications. “The land of culture and beauty has become the land of ignorance and the ugly.” She added: “People go to news stands to buy other people’s business. Good new are given only about their “friend” designers and businessmen. The rest is kaput.”

One must wonder what she thinks of this country, where two Jersey Shore fashion spreads have rolled out in less than a week.

Italian Vogue’s Editor Spikes “Trash” Journalism [On the Runway/NYT]