Fred Segal and ABC Carpet & Home to Stock Eat, Pray, Love Jewelry


Maybe the hype for Sex and the City 2 feels somewhat dismal compared to the first SATC film because of a little competition from Eat, Pray, Love. Both are epically girly, both are based on a book, and both provide hope for sad, single, or newly empowered women everywhere. And it's the kind of movie everyone will see — even if they feel they shouldn't because it makes them so easy to mock — because of the hype and inexplicable allure. With the last SATC movie release came a barrage of SATC-related product launches, such as jewelry, panties, and cocktails. Will Eat, Pray, Love's hype reach the same magnitude, with the same fashion consequences?

It may be too soon to tell, but the girly fashion products are rolling out, beginning with a line of jewelry by Dogeared, which also makes a line of SATC jewelry. Fred Segal and ABC Carpet & Home decided to stock the collection, with prices ranging from $20 to $100. “We relate to the theme of a woman’s journey for self-fulfillment and happiness," the Dogeared founder explains. Their SATC 2 jewelry will hit Bloomingdale's and Fred Segal in May, with prices ranging from $30 to $150. Nothing quite empowers women like spending money on motion picture marketing devices.