Video: Lady Gaga Speaks to Time Wearing Her Sparkler Boobs


Lady Gaga landed on Time's list of 100 most influential people. Cyndi Lauper, who promotes M.A.C. lipstick with Gaga, wrote the blurb about her, heralding her "sophisticated manner" and "incredible pop sensibility." And so it follows that the magazine shot Gaga from the waist up wearing nothing but her fire-spitting metal sparkler bra — the sartorial embodiment of sophistication that was certainly polished for the occasion. Gaga also taped a video for the magazine, in which she speaks about the person who most influences her: Deepak Chopra. Yes, it's a weird answer, but it's hard to focus on what she's saying when her boobs could light ablaze at any second, which is so much weirder.

The 2010 TIME 100: Lady Gaga [Time]