Check Out Good Housekeeping’s Photoshop Job on Michelle Obama

Good Housekeeping, Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Michelle Obama appears on next month's Good Housekeeping cover looking not quite herself. Absent are any fine lines everyone knows she has. Her dimples have also been dimmed, while her hair looks almost plastic (as you can see, they had to cut out her head to fit it over the Good Housekeeping logo, and didn't soften the edges). The lighting is also off on her face, our resident retouching expert notes, suggesting the magazine may have put Michelle's head from one shot on her body from another shot. Good Housekeeping could be forgiven for not keeping up with fashion trends (retouching is out! Haven't they heard?), but this is Michelle Obama! Our First Lady! People know her skin isn't the same texture as a Barbie doll's, and they probably don't want it to be. We have celebrities for that.

Good Housekeeping Gives Michelle Obama A Photoshop Facelift [Jezebel]