Iggy & Lou Lou Fashions Porcelain Into Wearable Art


To Irene Grishin-Selzer, the Australian sculptor and designer behind ceramic jewelry line Iggy & Lou Lou, a necklace ought to be more than just an accessory. Her pieces are meant to be worn as amulets and talismans, she says — "like personal treasures and little art objects that express your identity." It's an appropriate philosophy, considering the meticulous nature of her design process. Each limited-edition pendant and charm is hand-printed by Irene and her partner, Peter Selzer, then kiln-fired up to four times to achieve a vintage-looking patina. The pair creates just one collection a year; the most recent, Love Bandits, is darkly romantic, featuring tiny cameras, pistols, intricate masks, and gemstone-studded skulls. This season she collaborated with Karen Walker for her spring 2010 show, creating a series of pendants inked with Walker's "runaway girl" icon. Iggy & Lou Lou is stocked at Honey in the Rough, New York Adorned, and online. Click ahead to see more.