Glamour Hired Stylists for iPhone Users to Bug at All Hours of the Day, Every Day

By and Glamour magazine released a new iPhone app called "Ask a Stylist" today. Glamour trained and certified (whatever that means) eight stylists who are on call around the clock. Users can ask questions about how to wear certain items, and submit pictures if they wish. The Wall Street Journal tested the app and was unable to trip up the stylists — though didn't say whether it tried bugging them at 4 a.m. The stylists, by the way, are paid, and not through commission on clothing sales, though they may suggest things to buy. This could be viewed as at once great and not so great for the styling industry. Technology like this could boost the number of notoriously few styling jobs in the world, but what of the glamour? Touching fancy clothes? Camera flashes? Not having to look at a tiny screen all day every day?

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