Jennifer Aniston to Sell Perfume by Sitting on a Rock Naked and Alone


Jennifer Aniston just released the campaign for her new fragrance, Lolavie. And it's puzzling, because this is a woman whom the tabloids endlessly rake through the coals for nothing more than her singledom. Yet here she is sitting out in the elements on a hard grainy rock, naked and shivering in nothing more than a towel that may have been dragged out of someone's cat bed. She looks so cold and so ... ALONE. She is gorgeous (that hair! those waves! the highlights!) but why so scared? One can say a lot about Kimora Lee Simmons's fragrance ads, but to her credit, she projects confidence in herself and what she stands for. Why, in the promotional materials for her own brand-new business venture (and good for her!) — which will surely earn her a ton of money — does Jen look so scared? Maybe she can't shake the potential backlash from yet another celebrity fragrance from the back of her mind.

Jennifer Aniston Joins the Fragrance Fray With Lolavie [WWD]