Jonathan ‘Lord of the Hair’ Antin Reinvents Self With New Show!


It was a devastating time for Bravo when Blow Out, which chronicled the life and times of hairstylist lord Jonathan Antin, went off the air. He was astoundingly passionate about doing hair — his and others' — and no matter how much he ran himself ragged making hair goo and $600 house calls, he always looked fresh from a chemical peel. He returned to Bravo as a judge on Shear Genius this season, but it's not the same as watching him run around the country raving over how good it feels to wash his hair with bottled water. But those joyous moments could return to the screen again!

Jonathan tells StyleList:

I have a new line coming out called Jonathan Antin Hair Care, I'm opening a new Jonathan Antin Salon and I just signed a deal for a new TV show. I'm reinventing myself!

Hopefully he uses the term reinvent loosely, because we love him just as he is.

Jonathan Antin Talks Spring Hair and Tonight's 'Shear Genius' Finale [StyleList]