Leighton Meester Beat Blake Lively to a Hair Product Endorsement Deal


Leighton Meester is the new celebrity hair of Herbal Essences hair products, which is not terribly earth-shattering news. However, is it surprising that she earned the appointment over Blake Lively, whose hair the Times not long ago dubbed the new "Rachel"? That is basically the biggest, most important title hair can get — but what good is it if it doesn't pay her?

Meester's hairstylist, Charles Baker Strahan, has styled both her and Lively, according to his Wikipedia page. Herbal Essences also employs him as a celebrity hairstylist. So how did he and Herbal Essences choose Meester's hair over Lively's? Not that Meester doesn't have gorgeous hair, but everyone is so obsessed with Blake's — unless the tides of celebrity hair obsession are turning.

Leighton Meester signs deal with Herbal Essences [Elle UK]