Madonna Shoots Dolce & Gabbana Campaign in Harlem With Another Inappropriately Younger Man


Earlier this week, spies spotted the makings of Dolce & Gabbana’s fall 2010 menswear ads being shot in a bar in Little Italy. Now, it seems the crew has moved uptown — to Harlem, in fact — to shoot Madonna for what Stefano Gabbana has confirmed on Twitter is the long-rumored fall womenswear campaign!

Paparazzi swarming the shoot captured Madge strolling the streets, locking elbows with and cuddling up to a much younger man — most likely around the same age as Madonna's on-again-off-again 23-year-old boyfriend, Jesus Luz — who carries a few nets full of onions (how very Italiano of him!).

This new campaign is a slight variation from the spring 2010 ads, in which Madonna played a sexy Italian housewife, unconvincingly sweeping floors, washing dishes, cutting tomatoes, and eating spaghetti while dressed to the nines in Dolce.

This season’s ads have her sporting the same cleavage-enhancing necklines and cross necklace from last season, albeit all in a more urbane setting.

In any case, we think this cougar thing is getting a little out of hand. This kid is clearly in his 20s, he's a studly model, and we know what happened the last time those components mixed with Madonna. Jesus, come get your girl.

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