J.Crew Releases Nail Polish With Essie; Scientists Use Stem Cells in New Face-lift Method

• Scientists have developed a new face-lift method using stem cells from patients' own fat. The twenty-minute procedure costs $11,000. [StyleList]

L’Oréal face Freida Pinto: “My definition of beauty is universal: good hair, good skin, and a good personality.” [What's Right Now/InStyle]

• Essie has teamed up with J.Crew to release two new nail polishes, a dusty pink and an opaque orange-red. The spring shades are available in J.Crew stores starting this week, and sell for $8. [Lucky Right Now/Lucky]

Love magazine posted a photo of Louis Vuitton's fall 2010 runway-show cast, showing its models sans makeup. Not surprisingly, all of the bare-faced ladies still looked amazing. [HuffPo]

• Mary J. Blige said she went through six different variations of the scent before finalizing the notes of her new fragrance, My Life. But it was a challenge: "Every day they would bring me blotters to test — after a while, everything started to smell the same, so I had to pull back.” It launches July 3 on HSN. [WWD]