Mary-Kate Olsen’s Brows Go Bushy; Drew Barrymore Renounces Plastic Surgery

• Mary-Kate Olsen wore her hair in milkmaid braids and kept her brows bushy at the opening of Otarian last night in New York. Braids are big for spring and statement brows are a trend for fall. She's so with it. [Beauty Counter/]

• And now some fun new plastic-surgery statistics! Ten million cosmetic procedures were reported last year, but of those, only 15 percent were surgeries, while the rest were nonsurgical procedures, like Botox and laser hair removal. Caucasians got 78 percent of the procedures. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Drew Barrymore: "F— surgery! I'm so curious as to what's going to happen naturally that I can't imagine wanting to alter things just yet. I'd rather look like a basset hound than do that to my face." [OMG Yahoo]

• Kate Gosselin's earth-shattering hair extensions took Ted Gibson twenty hours to complete. But she says, "The honest truth is I care so much less about my hair than everyone in America, obviously. Rarely will I have an opinion or an idea. People care so much." [E! News]

• Several beauty companies are coming out with self-tanning products directed at men. Fist pump. [BellaSugar]