Not Every Sale on Gilt Is a Sale

A Helmut dress currently on Gilt for $415.

Today Gilt offers the summer Helmut Lang collection for ... full price! (Prices range from $90 for a tank to $780 for a leather jacket.) Gilt has previously done full-price sales with Lucky and Vogue. Unlike flash sales, this will last a week. If you spend at least $250, purchases come with an exclusive Helmut Lang tank and a $50 credit toward a future Gilt purchase. It's the perfect amount of credit to ensure that you'll spend at least $50 to $60 on top of it. And then if you return or exchange something you'll have more credits to spend, and before you know it you're only shopping on Gilt in a vicious but highly addictive cycle of trying to use up those damn credits, which feel less and less like actual money from your bank account. And maybe that's the strategy behind the anti-sales. Since everything on Gilt is on sale, the non-sale stuff feels like shopping a sale anyway.

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