Patricia Field Isn’t That Sad That Ugly Betty Is Over


Patricia Field is looking at the bright side of losing her costume-design gig on the canceled series Ugly Betty. “I enjoyed it, it was great. I was satisfied with it, it’s over,” she mused when we ran into her this week at the premiere of the HBO movie You Don’t Know Jack. And she’s even a little relieved to be able to concentrate on shorter projects. “Actually, I’m trying to ease up a little on that everyday go-to-work thing with movies and TV shows. So I’m kind of happy it’s created a little time for me to not be crazy. Because I was pretty crazy; I was doing Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, and every other thing,” she said.

Field’s ongoing projects include consulting on advertisements, collaborations with accessories brands, and, of course, her store. “I have many things going on, so this is just letting me do it and take a breath in between.” And this entrepreneur, who landed on top of the fashion heap after starting out catering to drag queens in the Village, is now looking east. “I’m really into spreading out into China. I’m starting to do that; it’s good,” Field told us. She’s already done the costumes for one Chinese movie called Go Du Lala, Go, directed by the Chinese actress Xu Jinglei. But we won’t be seeing a House of Field boutique in Beijing any time soon; Field says she’s mainly focusing on collaborations in China for now.