Project Runway Recap: The Designers Go to the Circus!

Episode Title
The Big, Top Designers

“And I am telling you, I’m not goiiiing!” was playing on loop in our head last night while watching the third-to-last Project Runway episode of this season (the finale is broken up into two parts). Everyone is dying to go to Bryant Park and avoid the fate of only coming thisclose to realizing their lifelong dream but never realizing it. Between Anthony, Mila, and Jay, we really had no idea who the judges were going to send home. (We love you, Anthony! Oh yes we do-o. We love you, Anthony. And we’ll be true!) The designers get taken to “a tent.” “Lord Jesus something rugged is going to happen. I don’t have rugged clothes! You don’t wear Gucci drivers to the mountains!” wailed Anthony.

But he needn’t have feared, since it was the tent of the Ringling Bros. Circus in Coney Island. (We come from a loyal Big Apple Circus family, and so while this circus presentation was amusing, we missed Grandma the Clown.) Jay, however, didn’t miss a thing. “Eight topless guys — they had such amazing bodies!” he said of the hot acrobats. The designers were tasked with creating a “high-end runway look inspired by the circus,” but isn’t that what Seth Aaron, whose appeal we still need explained, does every week? His sketch last night looked like an insane character out of a Tim Burton movie. A top hat? Really? Everyone opted for black and white and red and gold except for Anthony, who seemed to be struggling. “Let your viscera rule; if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right,” Obi-Wan Gunn told him, to which Anthony replied that he needs a dictionary to understand what Tim is says. (We love you, Anthony! … you get the point.) Emilio felt like he already had the win in the bag, which, let’s face it, was true. “When she comes out, I want people to pee on themselves,” he said of his design. Ha-ha, Nina peeing on herself. Ha. Jay was set on making volumized pants, once again, and Mila continued to be Mila, which is to say smug. On to the runway show, where Tim, Nina, and Heidi were joined by Cynthia Rowley, pretty in pink.