Project Runway Recap: The Joy in Quitting

Episode Title
Sew Much Pressure

Last night, our faith in Project Runway was renewed, as it broke formula and gave us the most entertaining hour in recent memory. The challenge this week was to create a red-carpet look for a “difficult” celebrity — and the celebrity is … you guessed it … Heidi Klum! (We’d rather have seen Michael Kors in those gowns.) After a rocky start we were thrown for a loop when young Maya randomly, suddenly quit the competition. She told Tim that she wasn’t ready to go all the way, and that she didn’t feel developed enough yet as a designer to handle the pressure. “That’s a cop-out,” said Emilio. “Quitters never win!” (Except if you’re a smoker.) Everyone was shocked by Maya’s decision, ourselves included, because you’d think that after all that work, you could just suck it up and see what happened next. But, as Seth Aaron politely told those of us at home judging Maya … “Fuck off.” Because of Maya’s departure, the “rules” dictate that another designer must be brought back to the competition. Who will it be? Who will it be?

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Anthony is back! We literally shrieked with joy upon seeing his friendly face peek into the room. Everyone was happy, including Heidi. “Miss thang is back!” she said upon entering the workroom.

The designers were stressed about showing Heidi their creations, and after she told Jonathan that his fabric looked like curtains, we feared for his future. We also discovered the mystery behind Seth Aaron’s spiked hair … he’s actually fully bald, except for those glorious hair tufts. Don’t worry, SA, you can still be edgy and bald; just look at, um, Patrick Stewart? So the guest judge this week is Jessica Alba, who looks lovely. On to the runway show.