Rock & Republic Founder Accused of Aiding a Somewhat High Profile Sham Marriage

Michael Ball

Mexican soap-star Fernanda Romero married Kent Ross, a pizza deliveryman and musician, on June 15, 2005. Only the feds say she paid him to do that so she could obtain legal residency in this country, and that the two have never lived together. Authorities got wind of her alleged scheme after fashion photographer Markus Klinko called U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and alerted them to her plot. Klinko had been dating Romero, and ratted her out after she dumped him, which is at once such a nasty and easy revenge. Rock & Republic founder Michael Ball allegedly helped Romero arrange the marriage while she was modeling for the label. The government will investigate him as the case moves forward. So first Ball's label goes bankrupt and now he has to deal with this mess. If the allegations are correct, and he and Romero knew they were doing something illegal, wouldn't they figure out at some point that they should at least try to make it seem like she was living with her fake husband? That's sham marriage 101.

Feds: Jilted boyfriend exposes actress' sham marriage [CNN]