Sally Hershberger’s Senior Colorist Opens Salon; Lady Gaga’s Coke-Can Curlers Don’t Actually Curl Hair


• Celebrity colorist Marie Robinson opened her own salon this week at 155 Fifth Ave. She formerly worked as a senior colorist at Sally Hershberger's downtown salon, and when she left, she brought seven employees with her. [WWD]

• One of the bold lovely ladies at BellaSugar tried the out Lady Gaga's Coke-can curlers hairstyle, and managed to squeeze seven aluminum cans (some 7-Up, not just Coke) onto her scalp to see if it would really curl hair. The cans can't. [BellaSugar]

• Alexa Ray Joel's first commercial for Prell shampoo is out now, and in it, Joel's hair is extra voluminous. Hair extensions, perhaps? [YouTube]

• Fergie named her new scent for Avon Outspoken by Fergie. It goes on sale this September for $28 a bottle. [WWD]

• The Cosmetic Executive Women group announced the finalists for the 2010 Beauty Awards, which will be presented on May 21. Bond No. 9's Astor Place, Chanel's Cristalle Eau Verte, Lola by Marc Jacobs, Flora by Gucci, and Michael Kors Very Hollywood are all nominated for top women's prestige scent. [Official site]

• Zoe Kravitz has eighteen tattoos, at least, and wants more. "There's this Jeff Buckley lyric, 'Send whips of opinion down my back.' I think I'm going to get that on my spine." [StyleList]

• A new study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspective claims that three chemicals found in many beauty products like nail polish and lipstick are dangerous for growing girls between 6 and 8 years old. High levels of phthalates and phytoestrogens are associated with early breast development, while one phenol, two phytoestrogens and a subset of phthalates are associated with early puberty. [MSN]

• The first beauty application to launch for the iPad is picMD, which allows users to make over any photo by adding mascara, lipstick, and blush. [StyleList]