Stefano Tonchi Just Wrapped Up a Year-Old DUI Case


New W editor Stefano Tonchi was arrested in January of last year in Beverly Hills for what police described as a "routine traffic violation." He refused a breathalyzer test at the time but then "failed a battery of field sobriety tests," according to Gawker, and was arrested and charged with a single misdemeanor DUI. The trial was supposed to be held yesterday, after a more than a yearlong delay while the defense tried to suppress evidence. Tonchi's lawyer says he worked out a plea bargain before the trial: Tonchi pleaded to the initial traffic violation and the DUI charge was dropped. And Tonchi was probably supposed to be enjoying his downtime before starting at W. Vacations where you have to take care of business really suck.

W's New Editor Stefano Tonchi Takes a Plea (Updated) [Gawker]