Tavi to Discuss Her First Kiss at the 92nd Street Y


Since 13-year-old blogger Tavi has been brushing up on the nineties of late (see her posts on the riot grrrl movement, Sassy magazine, and channeling Courtney Love), it’s only natural that she’s now contributing to a zine. Created by Marisa Meltzer, author of Girl Power: The Nineties Revolution in Music, and Elizabeth Spiridakis, the one-off zine First Kiss is a collection of hipster tales of awkward first smooches and includes entries by Tavi, Emily Gould, and Vice founder Gavin McInnes, among others. The 92nd Street Y is hosting a reading from the zine on May 26, and you can get tickets for $12. Though Tavi won't physically be there, they'll air her pretaped story. Unlike the couture shows, this might not be one of those things her parents deem worthy of skipping school for.

First Kiss with Elizabeth Spiridakis, Marisa Meltzer and More [92Y]