Tavi’s Blog Restored After Terms-of-Service Violation


The fashion blogosphere was rocked yesterday when Tavi Gevinson's blog was suddenly shut down, replaced only with a message from Blogger, her publishing platform, stating that the site was under review for possible terms-of-service violations. Google, which owns Blogger, later said the site had been taken down by an automated system and was under review. Apparently the problem stemmed from a picture Tavi posted of Maggie Rizer in a 1998 ad campaign for Yohji Yamamoto, in which she is naked, nipple exposed, and surrounded by not very strategic ribbons.

Thankfully, Tavi had Twitter to turn to. She wrote, "Looks like it was the Yohji photo. Oh come ON." And later, "Need my own domain, dammit! Then I’ll post as many naked ads as I want! Not really! That’s kinda weird! Now who’s the punk who turned me in!" Us! Not really! That's kinda weird! (No, really, not us, but maybe someone smarting from this year's Dior bow-gate?) You can read more about this near-catastrophic clash of fashion and Internet in even better detail on The Wall Street Journal, British Vogue, Fashionista, the Huffington Post, and probably many other places.