Terry Richardson Shot the Jersey Shore Boys Right

Photo: Interview

After much teasing, Terry Richardson's photos of the males of Jersey Shore are on Interview's site. The spread, appropriately titled "Hard Shore," begins with the boys feeding Bar Refaeli a sandwich, the Situation's pants disturbingly undone. From the accompanying article:

MARTIN: What won’t you do?

SORRENTINO: I don’t understand.

MARTIN: Will you accept any appearance offer?

SORRENTINO: Not any appearance. I have my management team take care of that. They usually make the right decision for the team: Team Situation.

Moving on, Pauly D looks spectacular from behind, with leopard underwear practically painted on. From his interview:

MARTIN: Do you have any role models?

Delvechio : Not really.

And lastly, Ronnie got to use his huge muscles. From his Q&A:

MARTIN: Did you enjoy the photo shoot?

Orti z-Magro : It was good. I’m comfortable in front of the camera. It’s uncomfortable not to be in front of the camera now. They had us posing with a weight bench; some of us were dancing with Bar Refaeli. I curled her, bench-pressed her. She liked it.

Photo: Interview

Hard Shore [Interview]