Tested: The $1,000 3-D Facial at Paul Labrecque


Paul Labrecque recently added a new 3-D Facial to his spa menu, and it costs $1,000. We stopped by recently to give it a test run, and to answer: Is this facial worth more money than our rent? And, if so, will it at least provide us with a brand-new face?

The 90-minute treatment consists of three parts. You begin with a round of microdermabrasion to exfoliate. Then the skin is ready for its first laser treatment, Laser Genesis, which feels like warm beams of pulsating light and is meant to tackle fine wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin texture. The most painful part is the finale, which calls for the Laser Titan, a laser meant to tighten skin. Even though the Titan's heat had to be adjusted numerous times, our face still felt like it was being scorched by a branding iron. According to Labrecque's laser specialist Carmen Tosado, the extreme heat “bruises” the collagen in skin, which promotes new growth, and in about two months you start to notice firmer skin as the fresh collagen develops.

So, is the mini-torture session worth it? Technically, $1,000 is a deal for the treatment. À la carte, a regular Laser Titan session at Labrecque is $1,100, while Genesis and microdermabrasion treatments go for $425 and $150 at the salon, respectively. And while we didn’t get a new face, skin definitely looked more radiant and our fine laugh lines were slightly diminished, though it's worth mentioning that less expensive facials with other top aestheticians have achieved the same results. To be fair, Tosado did say it takes two months to see a change, so we’ll be patient. She also recommended multiple treatments. Until then, we’ll consider spending a grand on something useful, like Louboutins. At least we can count on those to be far less painful than the Titan.

Paul Labrecque East, 171 E. 65th St., nr. Lexington Ave.; 212-988-7816