The Sex and the City Girls Look Absolutely Ridiculous in Abu Dhabi


Yippee, the extended trailer for Sex and the City 2 is OUT! When the first short trailer came out, we wondered what the hell Carrie was thinking when she put on her Dior eight-ball baby tee and a long purple peasant skirt, looking like she emerged from the Goodwill loony bin. But we can tell in the second trailer that that's just part of her Abu Dhabi wardrobe! But of course — the fabulous foursome wouldn't travel to another country and not dress in their outlandish version of that land's native dress. And their version of Abu Dhabi–New York chic is, frankly, terrifying. But God love them for it! For their sartorial expressions only serve to elucidate the many — and how deep they go! — foils of their characters. Such as Samantha, who, though pushing 50, refuses to acknowledge she's past her twenties. At brunch: Charlotte: "How are you gonna swallow all those?" Samantha: "Have we met?" And later in Abu Dhabi, she wears the same spiky-shouldered outfit Rihanna wore to her album-release party in November. Only, not quite able to suppress the fifty-something deep inside her, Samantha accessorized with a waist belt.

Sex and the City 2, the extended movie trailer!! [Sassybella]