The Waiting List on Hermès Birkin Bags Is No More

The Birkin Bag: Expensive, yes. Exclusive, no.

One of the more pleasant casualties of the recession, it appears, is the legendary waiting list for the $6,500-plus (and sometimes $120,000-plus) Hermès Birkin bag. Retailers like and Hermès boutiques are now selling the famed purse, once an accessories staple of Grace Kelly, on a simple first come, first served basis. Therefore, although the bag is still crazily expensive, it's not crazily exclusive, and perhaps it'll make Birkin carriers like Marc Jacobs, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, and J.Lo just a tad less smug now that commoners like you can just go and buy a bag today! Or not, because having a down payment is nice, too. But at least there’s the option. [SheFinds]