TheOutnet’s $1 Sale Was Too Good to Be True


One year ago today, Net-a-Porter birthed its sample-sale spawn, TheOutnet decided to plan a little party for itself, and, as with any party, it wanted all of its friends — whether good friends or peripheral friends or friend of friends it didn't know at all — to come. It was almost a plea for popularity: Sign up for the sale! Give us your e-mail addresses! This is an EXCLUSIVE VIP event where everything really lovely is practically free, and you feel really special about yourself for being involved!

Well, since the birthday sale — which offered any designer item for $1 — was publicized in numerous papers and blogs, so many people went to the site this morning that it is already closed. People in the U.K. seem to have gotten stuff, but are griping about theOutnet's server crashing. But of course, it was destined to crash! When we checked the site sometime not long after 8 this morning, after the Europeans had the chance to overrun it, the $1 sale was already closed. It's like going to a Ke$ha show, because you may as well since you're on the list, and pulling up only to find hundreds of 15-year-old girls in polyester boob slings clogging the door like a cork in a bottle of wine, with a line of them snaking around the block in both directions. Not worth the stress.

Outnet sale outrage as website crashes [Guardian UK]