Ten Officers Injured in American Apparel Sale Riot in London


Any sample-sale veteran is familiar with the feelings associated with shopping them: determination, frustration, entitlement, attachment, and sometimes loss. The masses unfamiliar with sale etiquette might be unprepared for the emotional tensions. And so it may have been when 2,000 people showed up to the American Apparel sale in east London on Friday, tension turned to aggression, and a riot broke out on the scene. Ten officers were injured, though not seriously, and three people were arrested. Organizers responded on Facebook, saying they found the incident "overwhelming and humbling," and that they had "never witnessed anything like it and are disappointed and sorry that it happened." The sale was rescheduled for the weekend and today, with extra security. Judging by the video, it was all much scarier than it sounds.

Police hurt in clothing sale scuffle [Telegraph UK]