Video: Inside Kelly and Ava Cutrone’s Palatial Closets


Bravo's Kell on Earth gave us a few sides of People's Revolution powerhouse Kelly Cutrone, but mostly the tough, bossy, leave-your-shit-at-the-door-and-hang-up-your-own-coat side. She revealed a soft, almost molten center when her daughter Ava was around, but she never quite relaxed and enjoyed lording over the incense-infused empire she built with her bare hands, more than a few terrified interns, and, evidently, lots of Yohji Yamamoto clothes. Kelly shows off her stash in her installment of Bluefly's "Closet Confessions," and it's the most relaxed and joyous we remember seeing her on camera in some time. Who wouldn't be happy to pilfer one of their three giant closets full of designer clothes? If a regular New Yorker (well, one lucky enough to have a closet) did this, it would be like, "Look! I can fit three hangers and a shoe rack on the back of the door! Wanna see the sweaters under my bed?"

Little Ava's closet is full of all those things Manhattan-dwelling grade-schoolers have: a few pairs of Chuck Taylors, a few pairs of Dr. Martens, hundreds of dolls, and some dry-clean-only sequined party dresses.

Closet Confessions [Bluefly]