We Found the Female Version of a New Head-Turning Russian Mankini


Russian designer Slava Zaitsev finished his fashion show in Moscow yesterday with a parade of greasy men wearing Borat-esque mankinis. One style of longer skintight shorts were neon-green-and-black striped, but most of them didn't cover more than what our red-clad friend here wears. "It would take a super-confident man to even contemplate wearing something as revealing as that," someone at the show said. "Borat Mankinis are one thing, but these outfits definitely raise the bar for shocking swimwear." Oh, do they? We're pretty sure unfortunate and hideous swimwear has been around as long as swimwear has been around. And the ladies shan't go without this season! We think Agent Provocateur's Kerry suit is a good female counterpart to the Russian model's get-up. In terms of cheese and vulgarity, at least.

Borat-style swimwear hits the catwalk [Telegraph UK]