Have the Heads of Tuleh Gone Missing?

Bryan, a model, and Marco at the fall 2009 Tuleh show.

After Tuleh canceled its fashion show in February, rumors swirled that the label might be shutting down. The label wasn't meeting the demands of creditors, and its financial backer was looking for solutions. But now Tuleh seems to have put operations "on hold," according to WWD.

Some stores received spring deliveries, but Tuleh's entire staff is rumored to have been let go, and the Chrystie Street offices shut down. And Tuleh designer Bryan Bradley and business partner Marco Cattoretti are nowhere to be found! WWD writes that "few of their acquaintances and retailers know of their whereabouts or their plans for the future." However, Bradley is reportedly looking for a new gig in either New York or Paris. And one source tells the paper the company's backers are looking for a new designer for Tuleh. It's all very bizarre. Don't they want closure?