Ann Taylor’s Models Have Ridiculous Proportions, Unrealistically Smooth Clothes


Ann Taylor has successfully turned itself from a staid, homely brand into a covetable one, even garnering comparisons in the Times to Dior and Balenciaga. Recently, its sold-out $198 lace dress was selling for upwards of $300 on eBay. But all is not well in the brand's online store, where, Jezebel noticed, models appear to have been Photoshopped to frightening proportions. Here we have a $119.99 dress on a girl with hips remarkably smaller than her shoulder span, maybe even her bust as well. Like Barbie!

At left, Ann Taylor helps the model stave off muffin top by digitally sanding down her hips and thighs so as to avoid those realistic (heavens!) and hardly unsightly fabric folds. Also amazingly smooth is the silk shirt on the right where it tucks into the model's slacks, displaying no bunching or rippling. So either Ann Taylor is the store with the impossibly smooth clothes — and isn't that what our shapewear-obsessed culture is looking for? — or they have a little retouching scandal on their hands. On the other hand, in their quest to matter again, that they even have a scandal just further proves they do.

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