Anna Wintour Noticeably Blonder for Tonight’s Big Met Ball


The Met Gala starts, like, now! In moments guests will begin arriving on the red carpet for the Oscars of the East Coast, the city's most fashionable event, or as we like to think of it, an event with a red carpet that's actually interesting, and where 90 percent of the celebs walking it don't just look like pageant contestants. We'll be posting shots of the famous people as they arrive, but until then, here are some other fun bits of information to tide your inner red carpet/Anna Wintour/Vogue addict over:

• Anna Wintour is considerably blonder! What will she wear tonight to offset the new dye job? Something icy? Or maybe sunny? A bright-yellow rain slicker in case the skies spew more moisture onto her perfectly blow-dried bob? In any case, at least now we know spring is really here.
• Speaking of, Soto-Ward's biggest fear has manifested! It's been raining on and off all day, turning the Met's environs into a suffocating, soupy mess. Even if the rain holds off, hairdressers have 50 percent humidity to contend with.

• Lady Gaga is performing, according to Guest of a Guest. Last week we revealed she will be dressed by Prada. So somewhere, right now, probably in a hotel room littered with cans of yellow hair paint, expensive bottled diet iced tea, and Skittles, tailors are contorting the diva into a garment we'll bet is made from something plastic-looking along with other unconventional materials (we're hoping for edible Swiftlet nests that Lady Gaga eats in lieu of whatever food they serve her).
• The reason the Brooklyn Museum is loaning clothes to the Met for the Costume Institute's new exhibit — which is what tonight is all about, lest all this yellow hair distract you — is because it can't afford to maintain them. But the Brooklyn Museum, which still has some of the collection, may have the better exhibit.
• Sylvana Soto-Ward, who planned the Gala for the first time this year, told us the guests will dine in the Met's American Wing, in accordance with the exhibit's theme, surrounded by fabric panels lit to make the room feel like a sunset. Also, the tablecloths will be ivory. So no spilling, you crazy celebrities you.