Behold Lady Gaga’s Met Gala Prada Tux


At last Prada has rustled up an image of the Met Gala's long-lost look: Lady Gaga in her Prada tux — the look that never made the red carpet. Here she is with Miuccia — smiling, sort of! And she never smiles when she knows the photographs being taken of her will be widely viewed by the public. Think of the Grammys, where every time the camera cut away to her the look on her face suggested vicious lobsters were pinching her toes. This was probably one of those moments she thought would be private. Here we can also see her hair is more gray than blonde, and her makeup is subtle (for her). When everyone else dresses up, she dresses down. No point in bothering with a ballgown and cumbersome train when you'll just be sitting on patio furniture anyway.

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